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Bourbon Dinner - Meet the Maker

July 31, 2024 06:30 PM until July 31, 2024 09:30 PM


Experience an evening of decadent flavors, delightful drinks, and engaging conversations with us on July 31st. Join FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar for a 5-course dinner complemented by bourbon pairings.

FireLake Bourbon Dinner Menu

Seared Sesame Ahi Tuna - Garrison Brother's Honey Dew

  Citrus Salad | Avocado Espuma

Quail Stufato - Garrison Brother's Small Batch

 Roasted Onion | Fried Quail Egg | Salt Pedestal

Seared Seabass - Garrison Brother's Guadelupe

 Smoked French Purple Potatoes | White Asparagus | Parsley Caviar

Sugar Cane Cola Braised Short Rib - Garrison Brother's Balmorhea

Anson Mills Heirloom Grits | Balsamic Poached Campari Tomatoes

Midnight Chocolate Cake - Garrison Brother's Lady Bird

 Candied Pecan Crust | Peanut Butter Mousse | Raspberry Coulis | Crème Anglaise

Meet the Maker - Donnis Todd Master Distiller, Garrison Brothers Distillery

Some men are born knowing their purpose.  Donnis Todd is one of those men.  

Born in Marblehead, Ohio, Donnis was raised by a legacy of military service and self-sufficiency.   When he was in middle school, his grandfather shared the secrets of distilling with Donnis, and thus began his journey toward destiny.  

After serving 10 years in the US Air Force on multiple deployments, Donnis moved to Stonewall, Texas, to raise his son.  As it often happens in small towns, Donnis and his good friend Fred Koch heard about some guy trying to make whiskey in Hye.  Donnis told Fred, “I only have six months left in the USAF; find us a way in!”   

It was in December 2007 that fate took over.  Donnis was home on terminal leave and helping Fred—who did find a way in to Garrison Brothers—cook mash and run the still while owner Dan Garrison was out of town with his family.  Donnis was in the still house cooking when Dan met him for the first time.  Dan asked him who he was and what was he doing.   Donnis told him, “I’m making bourbon for you.”  Dan explained that he didn’t have any money and wasn’t looking for another employee.   Donnis replied, “Well, I’m not leaving so you better figure something out.”  And that was that.

Dan did hire Donnis, and, in 2012, Donnis became Texas’ first bourbon master distiller.  Over the years, he’s realized his dream from his childhood days distilling with his grandfather.  He is the cornerstone voice for Garrison Brothers’ aging inventory, hand-selecting every barrel of bourbon used in the expression of Garrison Brothers bourbon. By personally hand-crafting the first bourbon whiskey ever legally produced in Texas, Donnis has helped shape what Texas bourbon is, one drop at a time.

Donnis still lives in Stonewall with his wife, Deena, his son, Calvin, and daughter, Amber.  He is at the distillery almost every day, still cooking, distilling, and keeping a close watch over his beloved barrels.   He’s also heading up daily operations with a staff of six and leading the single barrel selection program with retailers and individual consumers. Donnis knew he was destined for this life, and now, he’s working on leaving a legacy.